Riskee and the Ridicule



Incendiary grime punk band Riskee & The Ridicule return with their new album, Platinum Statue, released on August 25th via Ring Of Fire Records. For more than a decade, the band has released music with a rich history of focused scathing attacks on world politics yet this time around they decided to look more inwardly.

Concentrating on the broad influences that each of the five members
Scott Picking – Vocals,
Jimbo Aglony – Guitar & Vocals,
Jordan Mann – Guitar & Vocals,
Ben Maz – Bass,
Matt Verrell – Drums, keys & Vocals
bring to the band, they allow these to breathe and lend to an album full of collaboration and brotherhood. By letting their individual inputs dictate the music, Platinum Statue explodes at break-neck speed into an innovative force of an album that tackles mental health, how to cope and the UK music scene.

The first taste of this was their caustic and brutal single „My Name“, an anthem dug from the dirt of the underground, dedicated to the music industry and every snake within it.
Elsewhere “How I Feel” is about carrying on a party way after the party has stopped – both literally and metaphorically – and the anxieties that come with the hangover of a good time but wanting to keep it going, for better or worse.
“Giving Up” tackles those moments of hopelessness and addressing depression when it comes in its waves.

Throughout the entire record there’s an outburst of intricate guitars, breakdowns and relentless rhythm sections reaching new heights that all detonate with punk energy, cathartic hooks and sharp vocals.

Having toured extensively across the UK, Europe and America, the band is renowned for their relentless energy which is made concrete on Platinum Statue. The dials are turned up all the way and everything Riskee & The Ridicule were previously known for reaches ferocious new energy levels. Platinum Statue was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios.