Kemo the Blaxican



As Delinquent Habits’ only Spanish-fluent MC, Kemo spent twenty years with the group, and took the Delinquent sound beyond borders and around the world.
In 1996 the group struck gold with their first single “Tres Delinquentes”, a song that fused a traditional mariachi sound with a hip-hop backdrop.
The sound was a breath of fresh air in a stale rap scene, and opened a creative doorway into which many other hip hop groups would follow. “Tres Delinquentes” blew up overnight, receiving airplay not only on hip-hop radio but Top 40 stations as well.
The track landed Delinquent Habits tours with heavyweights like Korn and Ice T. “Tres Delinquentes” became a worldwide hit, selling over 1 million copies, pushing the group’s self-titled album to nearly the same figure.

That’s when the masses first caught wind of Kemo’s lyrical skills and flawless bilingualism.
He stepped into the hip-hop game as “The Blaxican,” and never looked back.
Four Delinquent Habits albums later, countless tours around the globe, Kemo left the group to pursue his debut solo album “Simple Plan”.
After critical acclaim, a second and third album, and multiple sync licensing deals, Kemo was diagnosed with cancer. He went from booking tour dates to booking chemotherapy and radiation.
Now, after successfully winning his battle with cancer, Kemo reunited with Delinquent Habits to release their 7th studio album “It Could Be Round Two” and Kemo’s own EP “Ugly At Times”. Feat. Godforbid