Victor Ruggiero



Victor “Vic” Ruggiero, (also known as Bad Vic,Ruggarroo or Lord Sluggo) is a musician, songwriter and producer from New York City who has played in many ska bands, such as The Slackers, Stubborn All-Stars, SKAndalous All-Stars, Crazy Baldhead and The Silencers (not to be confused with the Scottish rock band The Silencers). He has also performed with punk rock band Rancid, both live and in the studio. He has released three solo acoustic albums, and has accompanied acoustic ska musician and singer Chris Murray.

Ruggiero’s voice has a distinct Bronx accent that has a hard, guttural quality. His lyrics usually follow several themes, including the apocalypse, dark humor, political distrust, paranoia, murder, love and loss. His songs have ranged from narrative ballads to nonsense songs inspired by Beat generation poets and songwriters, such as Jack Kerouac and John Lennon respectively. He is primarily an organist, although he also plays piano, bass, banjo, guitar, harmonica and percussion. He has been seen playing many different kinds of organs, such as Roland VK-7 and VK-8, Korg CX-3, Hammond XB-1G, Hammond XK-2 and Rheem Mark 7 as well as a Rhodes Piano.

Ruggiero has also worked as the producer behind a number of releases. His own New York-based record label Special Potatoe Records is the outlet for many of these projects, especially those in which members and alumni of The Slackers are involved. His production style in these and his own projects is distinctively raw: by not erasing sounds that would traditionally be unwanted in a recording, such as doors closing or musicians cuing each other, his productions usually capture the live-band atmosphere more closely. Ruggiero has also been responsible for the production of releases from European ska artists, including Mr T Bone and The Moon Invaders.




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