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Given the current state of the world, anybody would be forgiven for being in a perpetual state of loss. There’s a tangible feeling of confusion, dismay and fracture on any street that leads to a preference for isolation or staring at our own private screens over physical interactions.
However, what this often breeds is communities ready to ignite people with an energy to fight the malaise bred by injustice. Enter: Riskee and The Ridicule. A tour-de-force band of politics, protest and punk that practices what they preach and are spearheading such a charge.
Growing up in Kent, the group had always been a staple of the UK DIY scene, but their fervent attitude and unique “Grime-Punk” rallied troops of dedicated fans across the world.
This die-hard community, the seamless relationship between “artist” and “crowd”, is ever-expanding and the reason Riskee and The Ridicule have toured ruthlessly nationwide, across Europe, the USA and are now readying their third studio album, Body Bag Your Scene.

Musically, the band meld their genre-spanning influences with their intent to challenge preconceptions. On the surface they may appear easy to read, when in fact Scott Picking (Vocals), Jimbo Aglony (Guitars, Vocals), Jordan Mann (Guitars, Vocals) and Matt Verrell (Drums, Vocals) are a gang of progressive punks who form a powerhouse of change. Full of fierce energy, the Kent quartet have motives resting among The Clash with relentless streams of wit, literacy and observational accuracy akin to The Smiths and a background in the UK Grime scene.

Following their DIY releases Dawn Of The Dog and 2017’s Blame Culture, the band have now signed with Bomber Music to release their third studio album, Body Bag Your Scene on June 28th, 2019.
It’s a record that acknowledges their position as a band and showcases both a personal and musical evolution, building upon the style of their previous two albums but with more detailed and textured approaches to songwriting.
Structures are more complex and themes broach darker subjects such as drug addiction, consent and the tabloid media with denser, heavier music to match.

“There was no outside pressure for us to do the album, so we wrote and recorded whatever we wanted. It turns out that because of that freedom, Body Bag Your Scene is Riskee and The Ridicule at our peak and most brutal yet. There’s definitely a darker side of this album, but there’s just as much tongue-in-cheek wordplay too.”

Body Bag Your Scene was written and recorded at breakneck speed, a reflection of its reactionary nature to the daily uncertainty projected upon us. Taking aim at the powers that be (“Our Time”), sexual exploitation (“Sex”) and the barrage of contradictory news (“Black, White & Grey”) it’s a record that holds a mirror to the world with simultaneously acerbic and humourous analysis.

Their ever-growing community of fans are also as important as day one and they’re truly a DIY band for the people, by the people.
The album was made with fans submitting to Riskee and The Ridicule’s own pledge campaign and saw them having a direct input and a piece of the release via credits, memorabilia and even private home shows. “As long as we are constantly evolving, progressing and learning then we are doing something right.
We’re experimenting and releasing something people won’t have heard before. We put so much into this band and bettering ourselves because others, our fans, give their all to support us.
Our fans really are our family and we want to give back to them as much as we can, in any way that we can.”

Establishing themselves as an unstoppable live band who are not to be missed, Riskee and The Ridicule are about to set fire to the touch paper and ignite a necessary attack on the current state of unease. Body Bag Your Scene is available from June 28th, 2019 via Bomber Music.





Date City Venue Country
Tour: Album Release Tour Europe 2022
07/10/22 Cologne Essigfabrik DE
Time: 20:00. Address: Siegburger Str. 110. Venue phone: +49 221 997 42 72. w/ Jaya the Cat
08/10/22 Berlin Astra Kulturhaus DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: €27.00. Address: Revaler Str. 99. Venue phone: +49 30 20 05 6 767. w/ Jaya the Cat & Baby of the Bunch Buy Tickets more info ...
09/10/22 Hamburg Fabrik Hamburg DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: 24,00 €. Address: Barnerstr. 36. Venue phone: +49 40 39 10 70. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
10/10/22 Hannover Faust DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: €24,00. Address: Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3. Venue phone: +49 511 455001. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
11/10/22 Stuttgart Im Wizemann DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: €28.00. Address: Quellenstraße 7. Venue phone: +49 711 40056440. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets
12/10/22 Ulm Roxy DE
Time: 20:00. Address: Schillerstr. 1/12. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets
14/10/22 Mezzago, MB Bloom IT
Time: 20:00. Address: via Curiel, 39. Venue phone: +39 39 623853. w/ Jaya the Cat
15/10/22 Lindau Club Vaudeville DE
Time: 20:00. Address: Von-Behring-Straße 6-8. Venue phone: +49 8382 977116. w/ Jaya the Cat more info ...
16/10/22 Regensburg Alte Mälzerei DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: 24,00. Address: Galgenbergstraße 20. Venue phone: +49 941 788 81 20. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
17/10/22 Vienna Arena AT
Time: 20:00. Address: Baumgasse 80. Venue phone: +43 1 7988595. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
18/10/22 Linz Stwst Stadtwerkstatt AT
Time: 20:00. Address: Kirchengasse 4. Venue phone: +43 732 731 20 92 05. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
19/10/22 Prague Futurum CZ
Time: 20:00. Address: Zborovská 82/7. Venue phone: +420 257 328 571. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
20/10/22 Dresden Chemiefabrik DE
Time: 19:00. Address: Petrikirchstraße 5. Venue phone: +49 (0)351 796 89 31. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets
21/10/22 Kiel Räucherei DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: 24,00 €. Address: Preetzer Str. 35. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
22/10/22 Bremen Lagerhaus DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: 24,00 €. Address: Schildstraße 12-19. Venue phone: +49 421 702168. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
26/12/22 Sittard Poppodium Volt NL
Time: 20:00. Address: Odasingel 88. w/ Jaya the Cat
27/12/22 Saarbrücken Garage DE
Time: 20:00. Address: Bleichstraße 11-15. Venue phone: +49 681 98 91 43. w/ Jaya the Cat
28/12/22 Leipzig Felsenkeller DE
Time: 20:00. Address: Karl-Heine-Straße 32. w/ Jaya the Cat
29/12/22 Frankfurt am Main Batschkapp DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: €23,00. Address: Gwinnerstraße 5. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...
30/12/22 Oberhausen Resonanzwerk DE
Time: 20:00. Admission: €24.95. Address: Essener Str. 259. Venue phone: +49 1520 1960958. w/ Jaya the Cat Buy Tickets more info ...

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