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The Sixsters is a Ukrainian punk rock band established in 2018 by Kateryna Kuziakina in a small town near Kyiv, Ukraine.

Over a period of four years, the band participated in the Ukrainian rock scene. The band’s name, The Sixsters, is a testament to the close bond shared among the five members.

In 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine significantly impacted the band members’ lives. Some members left the country early on, while others sought refuge in bomb shelters amidst the conflict.
The band members found themselves dispersed across different countries. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, each member held onto the hope of reuniting with the band.

Later in 2022, the members of The Sixsters managed to reunite in Essen, Germany
The band has stated their intent to use their music to raise awareness about the situation in their homeland, including efforts towards providing temporary housing for displaced Ukrainians.

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