PONTE PILAS are new on our roster. Welcome!

Brought together by fate and circumstance at a young age, Calum, Daniel, Ralde and Ismael started making music together in 2017 as Indie Rock Band Ponte Pilas – always inspired by their common heroes such as Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones and Blondie.
In the last 5 years the British-Ecuadorian band has shared many moments together: Being unemployed and living in a two bedroom apartment in Berlin, they were hustling for every show they could find in some of dirtiest, darkest spots in town.

Their energetic appearance fits very well to their band name: Ponte Pilas, in Ecuadorian Spanish slang, translates to „put on your batteries“ meaning to „get your act together“ and to wake up to reality. With catchy guitar riffs and driving rhythms Ponte Pilas’ music combines elements of contemporary and classic rock which results in their energetic Alternative Indie Rock Sound. Before, sometimes during and always after their shows, they like to mix with the audience for drinks, conversations and just to enjoy a good time well into the night. In sum: Ponte Pilas are a passionate, thought-provoking, hilarious and, most importantly, very modest Indie-Rock-Band that you don’t wanna miss live on stage!

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