LADY HATCHET (of The Scotch Bonnets) & GREG ROBINSON (of Mephiskapheles)

Two of the global ska scene’s indelible talents, Kristin Forbes from Baltimore’s The Scotch Bonnets and Greg Robinson from NYC’s Mephiskapheles, have formed an acoustic duo that features brass as bass, classic vocals, ska-flavored rhythms and tuneful melodies, aimed at being an alternative to a big band but still delivering the infectious groves and joy one finds in a great ska band.

Kristin and Greg’s acoustic duo brings the energy and musicality of a full band, in a convenient and economical format. It is the perfect opening act for larger bands on a big stage as well as an excellent choice for smaller spaces that want upbeat energy. The duo is a streamlined, versatile and affordable band that travels easily and even can play without electricity, if need be.

Kristin and Greg continue to write new music, as well as arrange songs for their group. They are currently booking shows in the US, UK, and the EU.

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