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Described as having „just about everything we should all be looking for in our music. It’s edgy, new and above all different…“ are The Bar Stool Preachers the perfect antidote for all the run of the mill, industry standard apathy we see in modern music? Well according to the success they’ve had in their first year, the words of critics, and packed out shows across the UK and mainland Europe, they might just be.

The Bar Stool Preachers are definitely doing something right. Brighton’s ska-infused, streetpunk inspired five piece are that rare thing – a band whose songs can stay in your head after just one listen and have you smiling throughout. Small wonder then, that since they formed in the summer of 2014 they have been attracting acclaim both for their optimistic, melodic songs as well as their incredibly energetic, powerful live shows.

Whether Preaching to the masses on the streets, playing tiny venues like the legendary 50-capacity Foreman’s bar in Nottingham, captivating thousands at Berlin’s Astra Kulturhaus or Oberhausen’s Turbinenhalle, headlining their own sold out shows or supporting bigger bands on their extensive tours, this is a band you know you can rely on for a gig full of energy, enthusiasm and a collection of just straight up good music.

Described by British music magazine Vive Le Rock as having „all the energy of The Specials in their heyday,“ this is a fair summary of a band who embrace the original 2-tone sound, whilst adding a fresh modern twist, and throwing in some reggae, dub and hardcore for good measure. Witty observational lyrics and a heavy dose of perfectly honoured punk influences such as The Clash, Rancid, and Cock Sparrer, (front man T.J. McFaull is the son of Cock Sparrer’s Colin McFaull and has been described as „a whirlwind of charisma“) mean you are guaranteed a good night when the Preachers play. It’s this crafted, genuine sound, that makes The Bar Stool Preachers feel like such a breath of fresh air.

Their debut single One Fool Down sold out over 1000 copies within a month both in Europe and in America, and really helped the band generate some momentum from the word: ‚Go!‘. One critic in particular went as far as to say: „One Fool Down is, very simply, perfectly captivating and the best- spent four minutes and eighteen seconds on a punk record in I-don’t-even-want-to-think- about-how-long.“ Their debut album, Blatant Propaganda, (released on April 1, 2016) is tipped for big things; followed up with a European and UK tour, so there’s never been a better time to sit up and take notice of this exciting band.

When it comes to The Bar Stool Preachers, something that is really noticeable (apart from the music), is the way in which they never hide their motives. They are a band that wants social justice, a band that for whom things need to change. Along with thought provoking and positivity spreading lyrics, there is an angry undertone, which when seen live, seems they might just get what they want. Not afraid to put their money where their mouths are, The Bar Stool Preachers are also regularly involved in positive action events and charity work. So whether it be sending their t-shirts to refugees suffering in Europe, or volunteering their time for local events (e.g. at soup kitchens or playing Crisis‘ Musicians Against Homelessness), The Bar Stool Preachers are the real deal, and their fans know it.




Datum Stadt Location Land
Tour: Album Release Tour
13/09/18 Hamburg Hafenklang Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Große Elbstraße 84. Location Telefonnummer: +49 40 388744. Related post.
14/09/18 Prague 007 Czech Republic
Zeit: 19:00. Adresse: Chaloupeckého 1915/7. Location Telefonnummer: +420 775 260 079. Related post.
15/09/18 Munich Backstage Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Reitknechtstr. 6. Related post.

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