Orange Grove



Best friends Michael Maidwell and Jacob Streefkerk founded ORANGE GROVE shortly after leaving St. Maarten, the little Caribbean island paradise they called home, to attend college in the Netherlands.
Like many teenagers, they had grown tired of studying by the time they graduated from high school, and being in a band seemed much cooler than anything else they could ever imagine doing.
Jacob played guitar and Michael discovered he had a talent for rapping. Soon after arriving in the Netherlands they began writing songs and recording demos on their four track mini disc recorder.
College was becoming more and more boring by the day so they had to move quickly.
Before they knew it they had enough songs for a demo cd and began playing small bars and clubs in the country with their brand new band which they called ORANGE GROVE, named after an area back on their island homes.

In the years that followed, ORANGE GROVE would independently release a couple studio and live albums, various singles and videoclips, all while traveling to some amazing parts of the world to try to spread their music as far as they possibly could. It wasn’t the easiest road to travel in life, trying to make a living off your own music without the likes of record labels or even outside management, but it was fun and they learned and grew with every step of the way.

Fast-forward to today when ORANGE GROVE is about to release their much anticipated third studio album, ‘Ganja Rock’.
The band has grown in leaps and bounds since their first album release (Genuine Origins) and it is very evident upon listening to their latest material and experiencing their live show.
With wickedly talented members  and producers Tim Kesteloo (guitars) and Robert Biesewig (drums), who both joined the group in 2011, playing huge roles in the writing and producing of Ganja Rock, together with collaborations and guest features by legends like King Yellowman, Walshy Fire (Major Lazer) and Brainpower, the band feels confident they have created something special for all their fans who have been following them throughout the years, as well as a great introduction for all who have yet to stumble upon their music.

Michael adds: “This one feels like the album it was all leading up to. It feels like our gift to all those fans of ours who have been following us and encouraging us to keep at it all these years.”





Datum Stadt Location Land
10/01/20 Bremen Lagerhaus Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: €22,70. Adresse: Schildstraße 12-19. Location Telefonnummer: +49 421 702168. with Jaya the Cat more info ...
11/01/20 Hannover Faust Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3. Location Telefonnummer: +49 511 455001. with Jaya the Cat more info ...

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