Jaya the Cat





Jaya the Cat will take you out on a night out,and things will for sure get weird.

You will dance, laugh, and sing along at the top of your lungs even if you really can’t sing. You will find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head although you’re “not really into reggae, I’m a metal guy”. You will be happier than you thought you could be *. You will end up in places you didn’t even know existed. And somehow you’ll make it home safely with your keys, phone and wallet intact. Jaya the Cat will leave glitter confetti on your bedroom floor and take you out for breakfast. Or lunch, because, you know, breakfast will definitely be too early for anyone here.


Originating in Boston, Jaya the Cat promptly relocated to Amsterdam, and with a crew of diverse and international musicians continue perfecting the art of making the most amazing musical cocktail possible to get you through this night and into the next one, with equal parts reggae, punk, and ska, a splash of electronics and a sprig of dub with a shot of whiskey on the side. In between a relentless touring schedule through clubs and festivals across Europe and beyond, that is downright confusing they keep up considering what they get up to, they’ve recently spent a month in Berlin recording their fifth studio full length album set to be released in November 2017. “A Good Day For The Damned” continues the path the band has put itself on with their previous releases. Winding down city streets and across moonlit beaches, staggering past carnivals and cemeteries and drunken sunrises, come 15 new tales of heartbreak and joy, political confusion and existential madness but in the end, overall optimism. The right concoction to get you in the mood for what this night holds.
*Jaya the Cat will not be held liable for any implied happiness, unhappiness, drowsiness, nausea, fatalities, std’s, lost and or stolen goods, broken bones or relationships, or anything really. But we like you lots and hope you’re awesome.







Datum Stadt Location Land
15/08/18 Helsinki On the Rocks Finland
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Mikonkatu 15. Location Telefonnummer: +358 40 0630960.
16/08/18 Tampere Vastavirta-Klubi Finland
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Pispalan valtatie 39.
17/08/18 Lahti Torvi Finland
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Loviisankatu 8. Location Telefonnummer: +358 40 7551939.
18/08/18 Kuopio Henry’s Pub Finland
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Kauppakatu 18.
24/08/18 Lehrte Zytanien Open Air Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Ziegeleistr. 41. Buy Tickets more info ...
25/08/18 Dülmen Last Chance To Dance Festival Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: An der Weberei 1.
31/08/18 Thessaloniki Street Mode Festival Greece
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Οκτωβρίου 15. Buy Tickets more info ...
01/09/18 Haarlem Patronaat Netherlands
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Zijlsingel 2. Location Telefonnummer: +31 23 517 5850. Buy Tickets
07/09/18 Bochum Rockpalast Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Hauptstr. 200.
08/09/18 Pinneberg Wake Up Pi Festival Germany
Zeit: 20:30. Adresse: Drostelwiese. Location Telefonnummer: +49 4101 24917.
15/09/18 Amersfoort Into the Woods Festival Netherlands
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Barchman Wuytierslaan 232. Buy Tickets
21/09/18 Moscow Les Moscow Russian Federation
Zeit: 20:00.
22/09/18 St. Petersburg Mod Club Russian Federation
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Griboyedov Canal, 7.
27/09/18 Prague Futurum Czech Republic
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Zborovská 82/7. Location Telefonnummer: +420 257 328 571. Buy Tickets more info ...
28/09/18 Leipzig Conne Island Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Koburger Str. 3. Location Telefonnummer: +49 341 301 30 28.
29/09/18 Lelystad Underground Netherlands
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Neringweg 159. Location Telefonnummer: +31 320 285 528.
15/11/18 Marburg KFZ Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Biegenstraße 13. Location Telefonnummer: +49 6421 13898.
17/11/18 Schaffhausen Tap Tab Switzerland
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: CHF 23.00. Adresse: Baumgartenstrasse 19. Buy Tickets more info ...
29/11/18 Cologne Live Music Hall Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: €22,70. Adresse: Lichtstr. 30. Buy Tickets more info ...
30/11/18 Rüsselsheim Das Rind Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Mainstraße 11. Location Telefonnummer: +49 6142 81680.
01/12/18 Koblenz Circus Maximus Germany
Zeit: 18:00. Adresse: Stegemannstraße 30. Location Telefonnummer: +49 261 3002358.
07/12/18 Stuttgart Hallschlag Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Sigmund-Lindauer-Weg 9.
08/12/18 Lörrach SAK Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Tumringer Str. 269. Location Telefonnummer: +49 7621 927 90.
14/12/18 Berlin SO 36 Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: €21,00. Adresse: Oranienstr. 190. Support: The Bar Stool Preachers (Brighton, UK) Buy Tickets more info ...
15/12/18 Bremen Lagerhaus Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: €20,50. Adresse: Schildstraße 12-19. Location Telefonnummer: +49 421 702168. Buy Tickets more info ...
Tour: Xmas Booze Cruise
26/12/18 Sittard Ernesto’s Cantina Netherlands
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Markt 32. Location Telefonnummer: +31 46 458 1331.
27/12/18 Hannover Bei Chez Heinz Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Liepmannstraße 7B. Location Telefonnummer: +49 511 21429920.
28/12/18 Kiel Räucherei Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Preetzer Str. 35.
29/12/18 Utrecht Tivoli de Helling Netherlands
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Helling 7. Location Telefonnummer: +31 30 221 9944.
06/04/19 London O2 Academy Islington United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: 16 Parkfield St. Location Telefonnummer: +44 20 7288 4400. with LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS Buy Tickets more info ...
07/04/19 Manchester Academy Manchester United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: £20.00. Adresse: Oxford Road. with LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS Buy Tickets more info ...
08/04/19 Newcastle upon Tyne Riverside Germany
Zeit: 19:00. Adresse: Neptune House, 1 The Close. Location Telefonnummer: +44 191 260 5001. with LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS Buy Tickets more info ...

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