Jaya the Cat





Jaya the Cat will take you out on a night out,and things will for sure get weird.

You will dance, laugh, and sing along at the top of your lungs even if you really can’t sing. You will find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head although you’re “not really into reggae, I’m a metal guy”. You will be happier than you thought you could be *. You will end up in places you didn’t even know existed. And somehow you’ll make it home safely with your keys, phone and wallet intact. Jaya the Cat will leave glitter confetti on your bedroom floor and take you out for breakfast. Or lunch, because, you know, breakfast will definitely be too early for anyone here.


Originating in Boston, Jaya the Cat promptly relocated to Amsterdam, and with a crew of diverse and international musicians continue perfecting the art of making the most amazing musical cocktail possible to get you through this night and into the next one, with equal parts reggae, punk, and ska, a splash of electronics and a sprig of dub with a shot of whiskey on the side. In between a relentless touring schedule through clubs and festivals across Europe and beyond, that is downright confusing they keep up considering what they get up to, they’ve recently spent a month in Berlin recording their fifth studio full length album set to be released in November 2017. “A Good Day For The Damned” continues the path the band has put itself on with their previous releases. Winding down city streets and across moonlit beaches, staggering past carnivals and cemeteries and drunken sunrises, come 15 new tales of heartbreak and joy, political confusion and existential madness but in the end, overall optimism. The right concoction to get you in the mood for what this night holds.
*Jaya the Cat will not be held liable for any implied happiness, unhappiness, drowsiness, nausea, fatalities, std’s, lost and or stolen goods, broken bones or relationships, or anything really. But we like you lots and hope you’re awesome.






Datum Stadt Location Land
21/06/19 Göttingen Musa Kulturzentrum Germany
Zeit: 21:00. Eintritt: €16,00. Adresse: Hagenweg 2A. Location Telefonnummer: +49 551 64353. Buy Tickets more info ...
22/06/19 Dessau – Roßlau This Is Ska Festival Germany
Zeit: 19:00. Adresse: Am Schloßgarten.
11/07/19 Dortmund Junkyard Open Air Germany
Zeit: 19:00. Adresse: Schlägelstraße 57. Buy Tickets more info ...
12/07/19 Burtenbach Sunrise Reggae Festival Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Location Telefonnummer: +49 8285 56 99 69.
13/07/19 Tabor Mighty Sounds Festival Czech Republic
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Čápův dvůr airport.
16/07/19 Southampton The 1865 United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: £12.50. Adresse: Brunswick Square. Location Telefonnummer: +44 23 8022 2605. Buy Tickets more info ...
17/07/19 Manchester Factory United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: 112 -118 Princess Street. Location Telefonnummer: +44 161 637 2570. Buy Tickets more info ...
18/07/19 Derby Hairy Dog United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: 1 Beckett Str.. Location Telefonnummer: +44 (0)7446 845555. w/ Captain Accident Buy Tickets more info ...
19/07/19 Stafford Redrum United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: 6 Crabbery St. Location Telefonnummer: +44 7702 089786.
20/07/19 London Level Up Festival @ New Cross Inn United Kingdom
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: 323 New Cross Rd. Location Telefonnummer: +44 20 8469 4382.
21/07/19 Lichtenvoorde Zwarte Cross Festival Netherlands
Zeit: 19:30. Adresse: Zelhemseweg 20-A.
25/07/19 Würzburg Immerhin Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Bahnhofplatz 2.
26/07/19 Munich Free & Easy Festival Germany
Zeit: 19:00.
27/07/19 Pösingen Pösinger Open Air Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Am Bierl 41.
09/08/19 Torgau Endless Summer Festival Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Entenfang.
17/08/19 Idstein Ziegelei Rocks Festival Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Wallbacher Str. 2.
23/08/19 Aachen Kimiko Festival Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Jülicher Str. 97-109.
24/08/19 Obrigheim Rock im Hinterland Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Rosenweg 5. more info ...
09/11/19 Oberndorf am Neckar Crossover Festival @ Neckarhalle Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Austraße 12.
31/01/20 Berlin Astra Kulturhaus Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: €20,00. Adresse: Revaler Str. 99. Location Telefonnummer: +49 30 20 05 6 767. & very special guests Buy Tickets

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