Started in the Version City dungeon in N.Y.C., in 1997 by guitarist Jayson (Agent Jay) Nugent, Crazy Baldhead has been recording skinhead-reggae and rub-a-dub ever since.

Primarily a rhythm section, Crazy Baldhead hosts a veritable who’s who of the world ska scene as featured artists on numerous cd and vinyl releases.

The band’s first full-length cd „Crazy Baldhead Has a Posse 1997-2004“ documents the recording collaborations with an ever-changing cast-of-characters at various New York studios over the years. Although the band has done shows, live performances are rare as full-time (bill-paying) musical projects usually keep the core members from being in the same room at the same time. Perhaps that will change…

At long last, the record is done and at the pressing plant! We should have it in our hands and available to you in early November (2008). You’ll be able to get it online or at The Slackers merch table when we’re on the road.

Crazy Baldhead – „The Sound of 69“ is a full-length release of great tunes from 1969 by artists like The Beatles, James Brown, Johnny Cash, The Stooges and more, covered in a Skinhead-Reggae, Rocksteady style.

Singers include Steve Jackson (Pietasters), Vic Ruggiero (Slackers), Alex Desert (Hepcat) and Bucket (Toasters). The band features Eddie Ocampo, Victor Rice, Vic Ruggiero and, of course, Agent Jay. Dave Hillyard and Glen Pine, of The Slackers, make up the horn section. The liner notes were written by Barry „Scratchy“ Myers, the former DJ for The Clash. Recording and mixing have been done in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sao Paolo, Budapest and Valencia, Spain.

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