We are BOTTLEKIDS from Chepstow, South Wales.
We started the band as an excuse to get together on tuesday nights and drink cheap cans of shit lager.
It all started off in a practice room in newport doing songs by the clash, elvis costello, green day and a load of our favourite bands and then eventually we started writing our own music. this lead onto some shit gigs (and a few good ones) and we managed to save up enough money to make an ep with the best producer in the world, romesh dodangoda.
He records proper bands usually but surprisingly enough he liked our songs and agreed to record us.
We then somehow managed to self-release our first ep in june 2019 on digital and 12″ vinyl with money we had saved up in a sock.
The songs on this record are the bi-product of all those nights in our horrible practice room drinking warm beer and taking the piss out of each other. it’s simple and honest and we are proud of how it has turned out.
The plan now is loose, but essentially we want to do some gigs to try to flog these records, visit as many new places as possible and sample your local ales.




Datum Stadt Location Land
Tour: Coming to Europe Tour 2020
29/01/20 Cologne Helios 37 Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Heliosstraße 37. with RISKEE & THE RIDICULE Related post. more info ...
30/01/20 Hamburg Hafenklang Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Große Elbstraße 84. Location Telefonnummer: +49 40 388744. w/ RISKEE & THE RIDICULE Related post.
31/01/20 Hannover Stumpf Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Welfengarten 2C. Location Telefonnummer: +49 176 87 13 85 67. Related post.
01/02/20 Berlin Cortina Bob Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Eintritt: €10,00. Adresse: Wiener Str. 34. w/ special guest Related post. Buy Tickets more info ...
02/02/20 Prague Cross Club Czech Republic
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Plynární 1096. Related post.
04/02/20 Dresden Chemiefabrik Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Petrikirchstraße 5. Location Telefonnummer: +49 (0)351 796 89 31. Related post. more info ...
05/02/20 Würzburg Immerhin Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Bahnhofplatz 2. Related post.
06/02/20 Erfurt Tiko Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Wenigemarkt 5a. Location Telefonnummer: +49 361 660 26 14. Related post.
07/02/20 Marburg KFZ Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Biegenstraße 13. Location Telefonnummer: +49 6421 13898. w/ JAYA THE CAT Related post. more info ...
08/02/20 Eschwege KJE Germany
Zeit: 20:00. Adresse: Am Mühlgraben 1. Location Telefonnummer: +49 5651 53 41. w/ JAYA THE CAT Related post.

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