4 Gedanken zu „LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS have to cancel tour

  1. so am i supposed to keep the tickets if its just postponed or should i return them? btw you have no idea how hard it was to get these tickets, i think we deserve better explanation why the tour is cancelled/postponed.

    1. Hi Sanel,
      first of all, sorry for the inconvenience. It hit us as hard as it hit you.
      There will be a better explanation coming of course. The management just asked to hold back on it, until its all worked out.

      Please return the tickets, we simply dont know how long it will take to have the guys come over to europe again.

      What made it so hard getting the tickets? What show were you supposed to go to?

      All the best

      1. Hey
        I am sorry because I sounded a bit tipsy and annoyed (i really was), i was just looking forward to the show. I will return the tickets and hopefully they will return soon. Thanx for the understanding and once again i apologise for being a c*** in my last comment
        best regards

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